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Next OCCP Meeting….

OCCP Meeting, Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, SE Precinct, 9:00 AM – 2475 Deer Park Blvd Omaha, NE 68105

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Omaha Police Department Citizen Education Training Program

The last time the Northwest precinct of the Omaha Police Department held a class to educate Omaha on how police do their day-to-day jobs was such a success, they have opened up another class, set for Spring, 2012. The class has been extended to six weeks from the original five, and there continues to be no cost to attend.

It will be every Thursday, April 5th through May 10th from 6 to 9 p.m.

Some of the topics covered will include homicide investigation, street gangs, force techniques and an introduction to the various units that make up the police force. The last week will lend an opportunity to take part in a simulated law enforcement scenario, using OPD’s Firearms Training Simulator. Citizens will be put into situations that force them to make split second decisions like officers on the street.

There will also be a Q & A in the last week with Chief Alex Hayes, followed by an informal graduation. Anyone interested must be at least 18 and pass a criminal background check. More information, please contact Bridget Fitzpatrick at 402-444-6478. Omaha Police say that space is limited and the class usually fills up fairly quickly.  –

Neighborhood Crime Update and Crime Prevention Informational Meeting
Chris Jerram, City Council Representative for District 3, Omaha, has made the following announcement: 
“In light of recent criminal activity and concerns, I will be hosting a neighborhood crime update and crime prevention informational meeting at Field Club, Wednesday Feb 8, 7 p.m. 36th & Woolworth in the ballroom. The police chief, precinct captains, crime prevention and citizen patrol folks are scheduled. Please come on out and stand up for our neighborhoods and against crime!”
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Contact Us

To contact us about our activities or to start a patrol, please see our “Email the President” section on this site:

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Omaha Police Explorers Post 591 Pancake Feed Fundraiser, Sunday, January 29th,2012.

8:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 13445 Cryer Avenue (Omaha Police Officer Association Union Hall — next to Dave & Buster’s place).  $5.00 per ticket.

Scout Day – April 21, 2012 – Details coming soon!

Safety Expo – April 28, 2012 – Details coming soon!

Sign Sunday – June 3, 2012 – Details coming soon!

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Q: What is a Rapid Response Team?

A: The Rapid Response Team is composed of volunteers who are trained citizen patrollers. A Team is assembled whenever the Omaha Police request help from the Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols to search for a missing person, such as a child or elderly person.

Q: Do I need to obtain specialized training to volunteer to be part of the Rapid Response Team?

A: No. The only training you need is the training you took to become a citizen patroller. You would also be expected to attend one orientation meeting at which the operations and functions of a Rapid Response team would be explained in greater detail to you.

Q: When or how often would I be called out to help with Rapid Response if I sign up for the Rapid Response Team?

A: If you sign up to help with the Rapid Response Team, you could receive a call at anytime of the day or night, depending upon the circumstances and the situation. The patrols in the precinct where the incidence/event has occurred will be called first, other precincts will be called as needed.

Q: Do I have to say yes if I am called to assist with a search?

A: No. Obviously the strength of our ability to assist the police depends upon the willingness of our volunteers to respond to a call-out at all hours of the day or night. However, if you have to work, are not home, or for whatever reason, feel you cannot respond to the request, you are under no obligation to go and you can say no.

Q: What if I am able to help out for only a short time, but the search takes much longer?

A: That’s fine. When you show up to help with the search, just let whoever is in charge know that.

Q: If I am called out, what exactly would I be asked to do?

A: First, you would be directed to meet at a certain location where a command center would be set up. Then you would receive a briefing on the situation. Most likely, you would be assigned to patrol in a vehicle with a team partner and be given specific instructions on what to do.

Q: Do I need to bring any equipment with me like a flashlight or radio?

A: Not unless you are directed to do so. The Rapid Response Team will supply all equipment. ALWAYS wear your OCCP ID badge.

Q: What kind of clothing should I wear?

A: Dress appropriately for the weather, and wear hard-soled shoes.

Q: Has the Rapid Response Team ever made a difference when the police have searched for a missing person?

A: Over the years, the Rapid Response Team has been instrumental in dozens of call-outs with numerous situations involving lost children, and lost elderly persons. Overall, the Rapid Response Team has had a 90% effectiveness rate.

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Our Mission Statement

1: To work with city governments to improve public safety
and quality of life within our communities.

2 : Publicize and encourage the dissemination of information
related to public safety and life in our own communities.

3 : To promote the formation , training , collaboration,
and continued improvement of Citizen Patrols
throughout the area.

4 : To serve as metro area link among community organizations
and local governments in public safety and related matters.

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Hello Omaha!

The Omaha Coalition of Citizens Patrols is comprised of volunteer  representatives from all of the over thirty citizen patrols in the Omaha area, with a mission to  promote the formation, training, collaboration and continued improvement of citizen patrols throughout Omaha and the surrounding area.  The Omaha Coalition of Citizens Patrols, (OCCP) is made up of thirty six  individual neighborhood citizen patrols. 

OCCP and its member patrols extend an invitation to any neighborhood in the Omaha Metropolitan area to contact E-Mail our President

Generally, patrols are started as a response to increased criminal activity in a given area.  After you start a patrol, you should expect that activity to decrease substantially, if not entirely. Patrols drive around their neighborhood in an effort to show a visible presence and send the message that crime and inappropriate activity will not be tolerated in this area.

Typically, citizens patrol their neighborhood at night and especially on weekend nights. 

OCCP personnel are trained by The Omaha Police Department and OCCP’s training staff  in a four hour session. The volunteers are trained to observe and report but NEVER  confront. We are not police officers and volunteers are required to sign an agreement that says, in part, the patroller will not carry a weapon or anything that resembles a weapon, they will not  confront verbally or physically, and they understand that they will not attempt to arrest anyone. 

OCCP is not affiliated with any agency, private or governmental.

We rely on donations from the public and grants from foundations. We are a 501 C3 non profit  organization and welcome donations.